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rsync does not work with plink

I've been using rsync for years on FreeBSD. For my first windows experiments I used rsync to copy to a mounted network drive. Now I want to use rsync to transfer to an unix server using a remote-shell program as the transport. With a running putty/pageant installation the use of the related plink program is the next idea. Surprisingly I had no luck with this combination, I got always errors pointing to an invalid handle.

Further research showed that I'm not the only victim, lost of error reports are visible:
No plink rsync for you!
rsync and plink (putty) fails, but cygwin ssh works
Yes Cinderella, you can connect using rsync over the Plink SSH client!
Rsync with Plink?

I wrote a small test programm as replacement for plink and can confirm, that the program is not able to read from standard input. So it seems to be an incompatibility in stdin/stdout redirection between cygwin and native Win32 programs.

Lets see, what further investigations will show...

rsync does work with plink

plink does work with rsync. A wrapper solves the problem.

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