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rsync does work with plink - part 3

small bugfix

There is a newer version.

Илья Басин observed a bug, possibly restricted to some cygwin versions. Спасибо - thanks for reporting and testing!

I published the new version 1.1 with a workaround for this problem.

The history is available at http://diario.beerensalat.info/tags/plink/.

Re: rsync does work with plink - part 3

Thank you for this great tool. Unfortunately I encountered a problem while using it.

I'm using quite a long string of arguments when invoking rsync client. As a result, the command used by the client to start the remote server apparently gets truncated by Cygnative. This truncation isn't visible at the "opening connection using" line printed by the rsync client when invoked with -vv.

Is this a bug? Is there a workaround?

Re: rsync does work with plink - part 3

cygnative still uses the old Windows 2000 command line length limit.

I will release a new version without this restriction. Thanks for your report!

Re: rsync does work with plink - part 3

I released the new version 1.2.

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