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rsync does work with plink - part 2

solution available

There is a new version with a bugfix.

As I wrote in rsync does work with plink I tested a wrapper program to solve the invalid handle problem.

Now I make this program available (see Anhang). You may send me a note about your experiences or leave a comment here.

Cygnative.exe is a wrapper for cygwin programs which call native Win32 programs with stdin and/or stdout handle redirected. Without cygnative.exe it is possible that the native program can not read from the handle and receives a "invalid handle" error.


cygnative <nativeProgram> [args...]

Example with rsync and plink:

rsync --blocking-io -e "cygnative plink -batch" -h -a 
--delete / user@server:/data2/backup/

MSN presence to Skype

I created a script for Messenger Plus! Live that uses the Skype API and transfers the personal status from Windows Live Messenger to Skype. So your Skype status is always a copy of your MSN status.